Good-bye, to the stuffy blurry windows stickers..!


Ultra-clear sticker is as a premium material, It's as transparent as a glass window.

Typical transparent sticker

Ultra-Clear sticker

The Ultra-Clear Sticker's quality of printing is also sharper and higher quality than the transparent stickers.

Typical transparent sticker

Ultra-Clear sticker

Only artworks that you want to show can be clearly shown.

Ultra-Clear Sticker is as a premium material, it can be used properly

when you want to stick your nice and complex artworks to your glass window.

The back of Ultra-Clear sticker

Type A

Type B

Both side able to see the color and the image's

on the other side also will be seen correctly

(depends on your artworks)

(For example, you can use it to make your content look correct

both inside and outside the window using 1 sticker)

Ultra-clear stickers provide a clear view

of things beyond the window!




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