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TIPS & HACKS | 5 Ideas for An Impactful Poster

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Advertising offline using posters is still a popular form of advertising up to date and today we will teach you what to look out for in creating a poster. 5 poster ideas that will help you design your poster to reach out to even more consumers.

1. Crucial Detailing

In order to have an impactful poster, these details are a must. Having a catchy headline to leave people wondering, a strong sub-headline to provide some description, details of the activity, pictures to make the poster appealing and contact information so that people are able to engage with you.

2. Attention Seeking

There must be a part of the poster that would draw people’s attention. Be it, the headline, the pictures or content, it must allow the public to fully understand this poster just through looking at it.

3. Correct Font Sizing

Using different font size would make posters stand out as the font size is used to sort out the importance of the information. Obviously, the headline needs to have the largest font size to make it easy to be read show the general content of the poster. It works downwards where the sub-headline should be smaller and followed by the information. To summarize, any emphasis should have a bigger font size.

4. Color Choice

One thing to be considered in choosing the color or tone is to make it similar to the brand and product image. Following the same color scheme would build brand awareness and people would relate it back to a certain brand just by looking at the color choice. Always keep in mind that the color of the font and background should be in contrast to provide easy reading of the content.

5. Balance

Good health comes when there is a balance in the choice of food you eat. Just like this, balancing your posters out with the equal amount of pictures and words would create a good poster. This balance will make readers feel comfortable and the poster is easy to read because it looks good on the eyes. And here you go! We hope these ideas can help you to create the poster you need for your purpose and goals. Don’t forget to share if this helped you! If you need printing services for your poster, do check us out here. #poster #fastprinting #asiaces #customized #printingservices

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