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INSPIRATIONS | 5 Different Ways to Thank Your Clients

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

We appreciate every single client who chooses us for our services.

Never forget to thank your clients! We now will share with you 5 ways to express your gratitude to your clients using stickers. It is important to let your clients feel appreciated and valued.

1. Shower of Hearts

Heart shaped stickers signify affection and love. This is the best to express appreciation to your loved one during Valentine and special occasions. You can see this mostly used on cosmetics and chocolates, especially for our ladies.

2. Rolling Rounds

This is most commonly used designs with the ‘THANK YOU’ at the center of the stickers. We normally see this on gift box and packages. The message is recommended to keep within 3 lines in length. When you receive the gifts, you would see the stickers before opening.

3. See-Through (Transparent)

This is a simple design to highlight the main message and make it stand out. We believe that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". However, to remember to take the package or product colors into consideration. You would not want the bag to contrast with the message and the appreciation will not be conveyed.

4. Edgy Square/Rectangle

Want to ensure every letter enclose is consistent and aesthetic? Stickers will do the trick. Design the stickers to the way you desire and recommended to align message in the center and keep in within 2 lines in length.

5. Text Die-Cut

This is usually put on car windows or commercial vehicle. But it can be used on smaller packaging too. Take note of the message length as it would not want it to be larger than your gifts. And here are the 5 ways to use stickers to send your appreciation to your customers. We hope this would help you to decide which stickers to use to suit your brand. If this helped you, remember share it and spread the love. Check here for our stickers services! #stickers #customized #gratitude #appreciation #thankyourclients #asiaces

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