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Jobs 101: Printing services director

Asia CES director’s interview was published in YOUTH.SG



Live to Print

We are a large format printing company specializing in various fields of printing.


Established since 2004 and with more than a decade of experience under our belt, we take pride knowing that we can meet and solve even the most complex printing needs of our customers.

Asia CES Pte Ltd has grown from a small printing company

to a bustling one-stop service center with a variety of services

ranging from posters prints to the installation

of large scale prints for walls and exhibitions. 

Till date, we still believe in the philosophy

that ‘No client is too big or too small to help'. 

Though we are happy to have big corporate clients support

our business, we never forget to make time to help students

and small businesses meet their deadlines.

We understand them because we were once like them.

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Our motto that has served us well over these years.....

"Providing fast & high-quality printing services with a smile!"



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